“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” ~ Albert Einstein

Mindville is a part live action, part animated motion picture that tells the story of two everyday people who unexpectedly face their final moments on Earth, and how this dramatic moment of reckoning sends them on a whirlwind journey to a virtual funfair called Mindville in search of knowledge and insight into consciousness and the true nature of reality!



When his life starts to fall apart, Klaus sets off in search of something he can call real, and hitch-hikes his way across the blazing deserts of Arizona. Unexpectedly stranded on a lonely road to nowhere, it dawns on Klaus that he might be facing his final moments on Earth, and for the first time in his life he starts to question what will be gone – his consciousness.  At this, he is mysteriously transformed into a virtual version of himself, a cartoon existing in a virtual version of the world!

Things only get stranger for Klaus when he’s rescued by the beautiful and feisty Shahanna, also a cartoon, who is on a similar quest for the deeper knowledge of reality and is guarding a dark secret. Shahanna is accompanied by a rather unusual guide, Nigel, a large floating brain. Nigel is all-knowing and wise with a wry wit, and is looking forward to retiring from mentoring a long succession of hapless humans on their existential quest. Nigel breaks it to Shahanna and Klaus that the only way they can get back to the real world is by going in search of answers at Mindville.

Mindville is a virtual fairground of the imagination located in a remote desert, where every ride and attraction is dedicated to some aspect of consciousness, the brain and reality, such as Plato’s Cave, The Stream of Consciousness, The Cartesian Theatre, and the Space-Time Continuum. As Shahanna and Klaus explore Mindville, they start gathering pieces of the puzzle. Great figures from history such as Plato, Descartes, Einstein and the Buddha are on hand to help them along. As our two heroes discover more about themselves and each other with every encounter, they gradually move closer to their ultimate goal. But even if you’re a cartoon, the path to awareness – and love – can get bumpy…